The JOC Mission

Why We Believe In Transformation Coaching

At its core, the JOC Mission is all about love. The JOC Method is a combination of nutrition advice, fitness training, and life coaching for a positive mind. This custom-tailored approach empowers women over 48 to enjoy the best years of their lives feeling stronger, fitter, and more beautiful–both inside and out. We know that there’s a Superwoman within every woman, and we want to help you set her free!


We empower our clients through body transformation coaching that is wellness-focused, safe, and (most importantly) sustainable. The truth is, you already possess everything you need to achieve greatness. You don’t have to become a different person in order to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health. All you need is the courage to ask for expert support.


Our coaching services help you to discover the right nutrition plan for YOUR body–unlike those one-size-fits-all fad diets you see in magazines or on Pinterest. Your coach is with you every step of the way to hold you accountable and make sure you stick with your new, healthy lifestyle until you see results. You got this, Superwoman!

Meet Joe Oniwor, Our Founder

Hi, I’m Joe Oniwor, your personal transformation coach. A former college athlete and pro arena football player, I’ve been in the fitness industry for 28 years.

After becoming an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I started training clients 16 years ago. Four years ago, I developed The JOC Method and began working exclusively with women over 48 and up, providing them with the body transformation coaching needed to overcome the massive energy loss and weight gains associated with menopause.

Why did I choose this specialty? Well, I wasn’t always a fit physical trainer. Growing up, my entire family struggled with their weight, myself included. By the time I turned 25, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was prediabetic.

By switching to a healthier lifestyle, I was able to ​resolve these issues—and lose over 110 pounds! Now I’m 100% committed to using my discoveries to help women like you shed stubborn weight and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Why Transformation Coaching Works

I’ve personally experienced how frustrating it can be to fight the scale. I also understand the unique challenges posed by menopause’s demands. I watched my mom go from diet to diet, losing some weight before putting it all back on again—plus more. It wasn’t my mom’s fault. She just didn’t have the right tools for permanent weight loss. I wish she could have had access to The JOC Method and the body transformation coaching necessary to help her stick to her choices!

After my mom almost died from complications due to her weight, I knew that I couldn’t just sit and watch thousands of women waste the best years of their life. You deserve relief from unwanted pounds, painful joints, fatigue, and scary health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Together, we can create a new, healthy lifestyle for you. Are you ready to say goodbye to stubborn weight and the problems it causes? Make the decision today to live a new life—one filled with confidence, joy, and health.

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