Body Academy Superwomen

Real women, unbelievable results!

Discover How These JOC Superwomen Started Living Their Best Lives

We’re so proud of these brave,dedicated ladies! Through The Body Academy—our signature body transformation program for women over 48—they’ve built the bodies of their dreams.


The Body Academy gives women like you the one-on-one mentorship you need to become inspiring body transformation coaching success stories. Our clients have achieved truly stunning results, including:


  • An average loss of 16% body fat in the first 3 months
  • Massive increases in their energy, confidence, and inner vitality
  • A 90% reduction in their need for prescription drugs
  • Higher self-esteem and happiness levels
  • A 33% reduction in abdominal fat after 1 year


You might believe that you could never be a body transformation coaching success story yourself. But a different life is within reach! No matter what your struggle is, you CAN change your physique, boost your energy level, and feel joyful again.

Become Your Own Success Story

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