Struggling To Lose Weight During Or After Menopause?

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Menopause can make weight loss feel like an epic battle. Even if you sweat at the gym a few times a week and live an active lifestyle, budging those extra pounds—especially around the waist and thighs—can seem impossible. But looking and feeling your best before, during, or after menopause is 100% possible! Many of our Superwomen clients are living their best lives after age 40 by following The JOC Method principles detailed in this FREE guide.


  • A 7-day mindset journal that will give you laser-sharp focus on your goals, keep your motivation high, and build healthy daily habits for yourself.
  • A 7-day weight loss meal plan that will have you eating healthier without starving yourself or avoiding the foods you love.
  • A 7-day complete fitness guide that will give you confidence in the gym and work your entire body through simple but effective training moves.


  • Past 7 Days 3 Ways Guide success stories have earned fit physiques, through-the-roof energy, and blissed-out moods
  • Many women take it to the next level and lose 16% body fat in just 3 months by participating in The Body Academy
  • Our Transformation Plan educates you about the principles of The JOC Method— nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset


  • Regain energy and enjoy time with your family without experiencing joint pain, backaches, or shortness of breath
  • Help prevent common symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, mood irregularity, unwanted weight gain, and loss of bone density
  • Look your best and feel proud of your fit, toned body and personal-record-breaking stamina
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