Accountability in a Transformation Plan

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It’s time to do something for YOU! As a Superwoman, you’ve spent so much time helping others and making sure they are where they need to be. Whether you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, or anything in between, you’ve always been a pillar of strength and support for others.

As you age, it’s important to give back to yourself. You are not just a Superwoman for everyone else, you are a beautiful, incredible woman that deserves to feel that way.

Your body transformation is a time to become the Superwoman you truly are from inside out, but the journey is not easy. With the demands of daily life pushing back, it’s easy to get off track and fall off of your body transformation.

That’s why you need accountability. Accountability will help you stay on track and follow through with your entire transformation journey.

Today, we will detail the value of accountability on your body transformation journey and how you can foster it.

What is Accountability?


According to the APA, accountability is “ the extent to which an individual is answerable to another (e.g., a supervisor, official review body, a group of peers) for his or her behavior, decisions, or judgments.”

When you must answer to someone else for your behavior, that person is holding you accountable. In terms of your body transformation, you may be accountable to a fellow Superwoman, or a supporter like your friends and family.

Benefits of Accountability

Having accountability is very valuable, and it’s a great type of body transformation tracker. To get the most out of your body transformation and to stay on track, it’s very helpful to have a sense of accountability. The top benefits for accountability are:


Accountability Tips for Your Body Transformation

Accountability during your body transformation will help you stay connected to your goals and your lifestyle. Here are the top tips for body transformation accountability:

Join an Accountability Community


Find a community of like-minded individuals to support your journey and provide accountability. See if there’s anyone else in the program that is looking for an accountability partner, a body transformation alum, or someone else with similar goals. You can consider joining a social media group such as JOC Transformation Community or the accountability group for your program.

Once you have a partner or group, be accountable for each other, supporting each other’s journeys. You can do this online, via phone calls/video chats, and/or in person. The internet makes it easier than ever to find the right accountability partner and stay in touch!

Weekly Check-Ins

Check-in with your accountability partner on a weekly basis to measure your progress. Send photos and videos, compare with your goal clothes, and remember your goals. Talk about your progress and how you feel about it. Your partner’s progress can help motivate and encourage you as well, and they will keep you accountable for continuing your journey as well.

Continuously Set New Goals


Always set new goals. Start by breaking down big goals into smaller goals. Maybe your end goal is a certain dress size. What’s your goal for the next week or two? Each time you reach a goal eg. dress size, body composition, weight make it a habit to create a new goal. Discuss your goals with your partner, and work together to come up with new goals. You and your partner can celebrate progress and keep each other on track for continued success in your body transformation journey.

Discuss Your Challenges


If you have a concern, doubt, or challenge, discuss it with your partner. They may be going through the same thing, and just knowing someone else is in the same boat may help you. You can work together to find the source of your problem and come up with solutions. Instead of letting negative emotions pile up and end your body transformation, you and your accountability team can work through them together.

Keep Your Partner Accountable


Having an accountability partner is a two-way street. Your accountability team is not just there to help you, you are also there to help them. You should keep them accountable by asking for progress check-ins, sharing encouragement, demanding effort, and more. Be the type of accountability partner that you’d want.

This will keep you connected to your goals and connected to your lifestyle.

Accountability with the Ageless Kickstart Course

Put your accountability to the test with the Ageless Kickstart Course and jumpstart your body transformation. The course includes 30 modules of the JOC method, for a total mind and body makeover. You’ll get 26 muscle-building exercises, a stress reduction nutrition guide, and a morning momentum journal to help you reduce body fat and sleep better.

Want to see success with the Ageless Kickstart Course and your entire body transformation? Join the Body Academy program for access to a transformation coach and daily accountability check-ins. Follow JOC on social media to connect with some of the other incredible Superwomen and find your perfect accountability partner! Start your body transformation journey today by signing up for the Ageless Kickstart Course HERE.

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