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Why We Developed a Calorie Calculator

JOC Superwomen body transformations are incredibly impressive, but we get one common question. “Why am I not losing weight?” Many women that set out on their body transformation journey are looking to shed fat, tone muscle, and become overall happier and healthier people. It can be incredibly frustrating to stick closely to healthy eating and calorie tracking but not see the results you’re looking for. This is why we developed our own calorie calculator.

According to the common rhetoric, burning 500 more calories than you consume each day should result in 1lb of fat loss per week. Here’s the problem, that “conventional wisdom” isn’t accurate. You must consider the adaptive nature of metabolism, that your metabolism slows as you eat less.

We get it, it’s important to shed the extra weight and tone up, but weight alone won’t transform your body. It’s critical that you understand body composition and type when embarking on your body transformation journey.

The Importance of Body Composition

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if you base your fitness goals on weight alone, you’re setting up yourself for failure. But don’t worry! Focusing on body composition is the key to a successful body transformation and realistic end results.

Body Composition

Let’s say you lose your first 5lbs. Congrats! But wait, is that necessarily a good thing? At first, glance, losing weight may seem positive, but you have to consider your body composition. You need to know if the weight you’re losing is fat, muscle, water, minerals, bone, etc. You want to lose fat, but you want to gain and preserve muscle, so weight alone does not tell the entire story.

What is Your Resting Metabolic Rate?

Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is what tells you how many calories you need to function, and how many calories to consume to reach your individual wellness goals. People with a higher RMR burn more calories at rest, which means they can consume more calories in a day to reach their goals.

How to Calculate Your RMR

Our Calorie Calculator helps you easily determine your RMR. All you need to do is fill out the information on our digital calculator, and it does the work for you. You’ll get realistic expectations about your weight loss so that you can make the appropriate behavior goals.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise and/or nutrition program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription.

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