Why Lifting Heavy is Essential in Menopausal Women

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Menopause is a challenging time. Not only do Superwomen like you have to deal with the psychological stresses of menopause, but they also have to deal with the physical havoc that menopause can wreak on the body.

Due to this, many women in their 40s and 50s struggle to keep their bodies strong, They’re also frustrated by increases in fat accumulation around the waist, thighs, and hips.

In order to combat menopausal weight gain, most women do their best to stay active and eat right. However, even the most active women can still fail to see the results they’re looking for!

It’s not that their efforts are totally in vain. After all, a good diet and active lifestyle will improve virtually anyone’s health. But there’s something that happens to menopausal women’s bodies that makes their fight for physical fitness harder than expected. The challenge lies in their muscle tissue.

What Happens to Women’s Muscle Tissue as They Age?


Every year after a woman turns thirty, the muscle tissue in her thighs progressively breaks down and is replaced by fat. This doesn’t happen because of any major changes in her lifestyle—it’s just a frustrating result of the aging process.

Here’s how it works: as women get older, the mitochondria in their skeletal muscle tissue becomes less active, causing their muscle mass to deplete. Their lean dense muscles melt away, exchanged for muscles that are interwoven with fat and connective tissue.

This increase in body fat and decrease in lean muscle tissue leads not only to weaker bodies, but to a drastically slower metabolism. The high-calorie foods that you used to be able to eat and burn off are now turned into fat and stored in your body.

That’s why lifting weights for menopause fitness is so essential, ladies! When all is said and done, there’s no better exercise program for eliminating fat and building new muscles.

Lifting Weights for Menopause Fitness: How It Helps

The only way to combat the loss of lean muscle is to:

To do this, you need to do some serious strength training, Superwoman. I’m not talking about those tiny pink dumbbells that you see in workout videos from the ‘90s. Lifting weights for menopause fitness means really lifting, i.e. getting a barbell and performing heavy lifts.

Of course, if you are just starting out, you wouldn’t start out with the heaviest load. Instead, you need to start with moderate loads and keep progressing. Start by choosing loads that are manageable. You should be able to perform 6 to 8 reps of each lift with your chosen weight.

There is no magic number—you’ve got to start at the level that’s right for you. However, the last rep should always be very difficult to complete.

Studies Prove the Value of Lifting Weights for Menopause Fitness

The merits of lifting weights for menopause fitness are scientifically backed. This study, among others, has proved that resistance training in older adults helps to trigger more mitochondrial activity.

Lifting heavy weights doesn’t just help you look good; it improves your overall quality of life. If you commit to a weight-lifting routine, you’ll strengthen your bones against osteoporosis, which is very important for women as they age.

But that’s not all. Lifting weights for menopause fitness also gives you:

All around, progressive strength training is an important part of staying happy and healthy through menopause. It’s even more key if you want to get in better shape and are interested in women’s body transformation training.

How to Start Lifting Weights for Menopause Symptom Relief


Please be advised: simple, lighter weights aren’t enough to increase your muscle strength. Women can lift heavy and should. This will help them keep strong, lean bodies, even through menopause.

Many women shy away from lifting weights for menopause fitness, thinking that they will get bulky, but women just aren’t made that way. Their hormones are different than men’s, which means that they can’t gain muscle tissue the same way men do.

Lifting weights without professional guidance is not generally recommended. But if you’d like some basic instruction on how to jumpstart your weight-lifting journey, you can find many free tutorials for beginners on YouTube.

Another way to learn how to begin lifting weights is to take a class. At Body Academy, we specialize women’s body transformation training, with a major emphasis on helping menopausal women build strong, sleek muscles.

Our clients regularly achieve stunning results with our programs, including:

Find some real-life inspiration—read their success stories!

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