5 Tips for Body Transformation Success

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Being a mature woman does not mean you have to give up your dream body. Understandably, life gets ahead of us sometimes, making it hard for you to be the Superwoman you really are. Still, there are a few tips for body transformation success so you can get the body and health you deserve.

What is Body Transformation?


Body transformation is all about looking and feeling like the Superwoman you are. It’s all about the process you must take to find your best body through personalized fitness, nutrition, and self-love. Body transformation is the journey to becoming your true strong, confident Superwoman.

Body Transformation Tip 1: Tradeoffs


The first tip to ensure the best women’s body transformation experience is to identify your tradeoffs. You must know what you’re willing to DO or eliminate to get what you want. For example, nutrition plays a big part in reducing body fat and building muscle, but nutrition is not always easy. There will be tradeoffs. Are you willing to eliminate your sugary sweets for healthy treats? Of course, it’s not about sacrifice, great nutrition is not complete deprivation, but it is about altering eating behaviors which will require tradeoffs to get results.

Body Transformation Tip 2: Understanding Your Energy Ratio


The next tip is to understand your energy ratio. In many ways, your body transformation is a math problem. Your plan for body transformation must consider your energy balance equation and how to best change those numbers to shed fat. Moving your numbers in the right direction allows you to transform your body more effectively.

Simply put, your energy ration is the relationship between your energy input and output. “Energy”, in this case, is calories. While it sounds simple, you will need some important information to find your energy ratio. Monitor what you eat to determine how many calories you input. For energy output, you must consider your basal metabolic rate (energy required for basic functions like breathing), daily living activities, thermic effect of food, and exercise. We have a

JOC Calorie Counter to help you estimate your energy output based on your size and lifestyle.

Energy Input > Energy Output = Weight Gain

Energy Input < Energy Output = Weight Loss

Body Transformation Tip 3: Create Accountability


The best women’s body transformation program includes accountability. Your body transformation journey will be challenging, so staying accountable is the key to remaining motivated and on-track.

To create accountability, you should track your program. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, frequently checking your progressing increases the chances that you’ll succeed. The same study also found that your chances of success increase even more when you report your progress publicly and physically record how you’re doing. Some strategies you can use to track your program and create accountability include:

The best part is that the JOC body academy includes accountability activities like check-ins and a JOC community to help you stay accountable!

Body Transformation Tip 4: Measuring Success with Your Goals


Another key to staying motivated throughout your body transformation journey is measuring your success. Once you set realistic, solid goals, you can use them to measure your progress and keep you on track.

Having a pair of goal jeans is priceless for your body transformation. In this case, your goal jeans, dress, pants, etc are a visible representation of your goals, they aren’t just a number. You can look at that piece of clothing and check your progress by trying it on. Some benefits of having a SMART goal include:

Body Transformation Tip 5: Build It to Burn It


One of the main focuses that people cite for body transformations for women over 40 and 50 is fat loss. However, the best women’s body transformation will address your muscle-building. When it comes to adjusting your energy ratio, there’s one key factor: muscle. Part of the reason that women struggle with stubborn belly fat, especially after menopause, is because their ability to build and retain muscle decreases.

The more muscle you have, the more energy you will burn at rest. In this way, resistance training boosts metabolism! Strength training is one of the best ways to increase metabolism after 48 because it increases your muscle mass. In addition to cardiovascular exercise, your body transformation plan must include resistance training.

Body Transformation Questions


Here are some of the most common questions we hear regarding body transformation:

There is no set amount of time it will take to transform your body. Your unique body transformation will depend on your goals, current lifestyle, and body. One of the biggest myths surrounding body transformations is that there is some set deadline. While many programs run for a certain length of time, it does not mean you should be done with your transformation at that time. The best women’s body transformation program sets you up for long-term success.

Having access to a gym will certainly help you with your transformation, but it’s not required. There are many at-home options that allow you to exercise without entering a gym.

We don’t focus on weight loss, because weight is not a measure of your body composition. Instead, we help you lose fat while building muscle and strengthening bones.

Life happens. Your body transformation is also a lifestyle transformation, and that takes time. There will be moments when you miss a workout or go off plan for nutrition. That’s okay. Do not punish yourself, instead focus on getting back on track. Your body transformation is more about your overall patterns, one mistake will not ruin your progress toward Superwoman.

The Best Women’s Body Transformation Program

If you’re ready to get fit as a mature woman, our incredible body transformation program can help you get there. Melt stubborn body fat and build strong muscles with one of the best body transformation experts in the industry. This transformation will be of not only your body but also your mind.

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