How Staying Active During Menopause Can Boost Your Confidence

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Let’s face it, getting older isn’t easy. Neither is staying active during menopause. Your body experiences new physical changes. Your mind can feel clouded with thoughts of “what we used to be.” Everyday tasks can feel more difficult and less enjoyable.

Of course, this can all take its toll on your self-worth! But does menopause automatically mean everything must feel like it’s spinning out of control? NO! With the right exercise routine, you can regain control of your life and wake up feeling amazingly strong every morning.

We understand how challenging it can be to reach your goals during and post-menopause. Unbalanced hormones make it an especially exhausting period of life, and many menopausal women sometimes feel like they just want to throw in the towel on exercise. Plus, the low feelings of self-worth make it difficult to stay motivated to do anything, let alone stay focused on a fitness routine.

It doesn’t have to be this way, Superwoman! Studies show that staying active during menopause can actually boost your confidence for good. Here’s why.

4 Ways to Stay Active During Menopause To Boost Your Confidence

4 Ways to Stay Active During Menopause To Boost Your Confidence

Sweltering hot flashes and a new feeling of muscle weakness might make exercise feel like an impossible feat. However, staying active can help turn back the clock on menopause’s most unwelcome symptoms! In fact, fitness and exercise are two of the key ways menopausal women can transform their quality of life. It’s actually one of the three pillars of The JOC Method of Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness. Not only does exercise help realize the full body transformation you envision, but it can help ease your mind and revitalize your state of mind so you can take on the world!

1. Tone Your Body to Look and Feel Better

During or after menopause, you can thank hormones and lower estrogen levels for holding onto more belly fat and making it more challenging to achieve your ideal body size. For many of our clients, this reality takes its toll on self-confidence. When you look in the mirror, you want to like what we see. However, just a few stubborn pounds can make it hard to see your true, Superwoman self. We’re here to tell you that you can take action to make a positive change!

The right balance of nutrition and exercise can burn away extra pounds and retain the lean muscle that makes us feel toned and strong. To melt away fats and gain more lean muscle, try incorporating heavy lifting and resistance training into your exercise routine.

Haven’t used weights before? There’s no reason to feel intimidated, Superwoman! Start with a moderate weight you can lift for 6–8 reps at a time. Your ideal load should feel a bit like Goldilocks’ porridge—not too light, not too heavy, but just right. Extremely heavy weights can cause serious injury, while lighter weights won’t be enough to build strength.

Another workout you can easily add to your weekly schedule is HIIT. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is made up of short bouts of exercise. These exercises alternate between high-intensity bursts (like push-ups) and light recovery (like jogging). At 30-minutes a session, they easily fit into any schedule and burn tons of calories while building muscle in the process. You may even find your new workout routine improves the look of your skin and hair. After a few weeks, you’ll definitely be feeling yourself.

2. Staying Active Makes You Feel Stronger and More Capable

Staying Active Makes You Feel Stronger and More Capable

With increased activity, you will feel a difference in your strength. Resistance training and HIIT workouts are great ways to kick off your women’s fitness body transformation. They’ll tone your core, strengthen your back muscles, and improve your balance. You’ll start to feel more stable on your feet and stronger than ever before!

A strong core improves confidence in how your body moves. Whether its as simple as getting in and out of bed, or going for a stroll around your neighborhood, exercises like planks, bird dogs, and glute bridges strengthen those internal abdominal muscles to better support your movements.

As you build body and core strength, you’ll be able to move faster with more intent. You will be less dependent on others’ help. Your hands will pop open jars with Superwoman strength and your arms will push through heavy doors. All of this will make you feel more confident to try more. With each success, your confidence will grow.

3. You Have Fewer Menopausal Symptoms

One study found menopausal women who exercised experienced an increased quality of life versus those who stayed sedentary. Exercise also improved their emotional states. Why? Many of the debilitating symptoms of menopause—like hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue—slowly diminished with regular exercise. Superwomen in our Body Academy strongly agree—exercise is one of the tip-top ways to banish hot flashes!

Why suffer when staying active will help decrease symptoms of menopause? With just a few lifestyle changes, you’ll kick the evils of the big ‘M’ to the curb and start feeling more like the real you!

4. Staying Active Can Even Liven Up the Bedroom

Staying Active Can Even Liven Up the Bedroom

One of the biggest symptoms of menopause in women is sometimes kept a secret. But there’s no reason to hide the fact that menopause can also lead to a decrease in sex drive.

The loss of estrogen during menopause can have a negative impact on overall desire. Without desire, it’s easy to lose track of intimacy with our partners. For some, the reason for this decrease in desire is tied closely to their lack of confidence and self-worth.

With regular exercise, you may find your physical and mental health feel stronger than ever before. And this very well may translate into intimacy with your partner.

With all of this new knowledge, are you ready to start benefiting from an active lifestyle? Do you want to maintain a positive attitude and feel strong and confident as you enter the next chapter? Good. You deserve it. Let me help you implement habits that will transform your life for the good.

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