Understanding Rep Counts at JOC

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When it comes to understanding and determining rep counts, the following phrase is very common:

“I’ll just follow a plan that tells me exactly what to do so I don’t have to know much about the why of it all.”

Does that phrase ever come into your mind when you enter a fitness program? You just go along with the program on an app and hope it helps you develop the shape that you’re looking for. In the following weeks, as you obediently complete your workouts, you either feel like nothing’s really happening or like it’s far too much work, all the time and you’re excruciatingly sore for days on end.

The chances are, you’re not understanding where your current level of fitness is and how you should be approaching your rep counts to help you accomplish a lean, strong body at a pace that makes you feel like you’re on fire – in good way!

Understanding Rep Counts

A rep count is one repetition of one complete movement (or exercise). Those starting out often start with no or light weights and as they increase in overall fitness, begin to lift heavier.

Understanding Sets

A set is a group of repetitions. For example, you may do 3 sets of 12 reps of bicep curls (36 reps total), or 2 sets of 8 box jumps (16 reps total).

So … How Many Sets of How Many Reps Should I Do?


This is almost impossible to determine from a blog post. Your sets and reps will be based on your current level of fitness and your fitness goals, but there are many other factors at play. You’re motivation level, your time availability, how many days a week you plan to work out, whether you have pre-existing conditions etc. all play a role. Having a coach who can see the greater picture of your lifestyle and desires can be very helpful in helping you design a plan that is solely your own. You will also learn how understanding rep counts as they suit your goals is far superior to following a general program designed for the masses without taking into consideration the many unique factors of your life.


At JOC we generally begin with the NASM OPT Model in which we work on fitness at a progressive level as seen below:


Not everyone desires to get much higher than Phase 1 or 2, and that’s perfectly fine. Others want to go as far they can and will enter fitness competitions that showcase their fitness dedication and expertise. Most of the JOC Superwomen have started their journeys to their Superhero realization in a place of pain and frustrated with their stubborn weight and consistent fatigue. Check out some of their success stories HERE and on our Instagram Page.

Do you identify yourself at one of the above phases? Are you comfortable with your routine or are you wanting to challenge yourself some more? Join our Transformation FB Community or get our Free 7-Day Transformation Guide. Keep an eye out for our MANY free handouts to add to your JOC Binder – like the one below.


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